How To Publish Your Writing With Duotrope

If you’re a writer like me, working to widen your publications, you may or may not know of an essential publishing tool called Duotrope. As profitable as it is, I figured a lot more writers would have heard of it and put it to use, but upon being asked, most reply “What’s Duotrope?” So I decided to write an article explaining what it is and including a few strategies to try when using it. You can read it here on Ezine Articles or here as originally posted on the site. It’s my first published article of many more to come; as I listed in my Goals for 2011, I’d like to write a lot of these, so stay tuned and I will update you when I have another one available.

Do you use Duotrope as an aid in publishing your work? Do you share this valuable resource with your friends? Did you find this article useful and what writing/publishing topics would you like to see in an upcoming article?


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6 responses to “How To Publish Your Writing With Duotrope

  1. This is so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Duotrope. I just retweeted the information.

  2. I’m thankful someone on Twitter tweeted this. I can’t wait to read more!! TY!

  3. Very interesting…I’ve never even heard of this before but somehow it doesn’t surprise me that someone would eventually build an engine like this. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to future posts.

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