Catching Up with the Times (and all the other writing birds)

So I’ve finally decided to get on Twitter, an idea at which I’ve cringed for a long time. And like publishing short fiction and poetry on the web–more for the sake of directing people to my blog than directing blog readers elsewhere. But if you happen to be a Twitter addict, click the bird to follow!

I’ll be announcing each new post I publish,  but also lots of little things I fail to mention on the official blog. I hope that this venture from Internet rube-ishness accomplishes my goal of wider readership. And speaking of such lovely things as gaining more readers, check out these 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers.

Do you use Twitter to promote your writing? What are your favourite hashtags to use and why?

(Hint: I’ve found Writers’ Digest’s #storyfriday to be a great way to warm up the writing muscles and get new readers and followers.)


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2 responses to “Catching Up with the Times (and all the other writing birds)

  1. Hey there! I found you while I was searching wordpress for other #storyfriday blogs and thought you would like to know that I’ve started a blog for the stories! Check it out and see what you think! Hope to see you Friday 🙂

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