Upcoming Projects – May

The semester is finally over and I have no classes left for which to study. It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but I’m sure when it does, I will be as excited as all get out. Because the end of the semester means the start of the summer, which means no more studying, and that means more writing.

I’ve already been compiling a list of projects to pick up again in my mind, and now here they are in lovely bullet point form:

  • Publish creative non-fiction. I’ve been looking at essays I’ve composed for various English classes and have also been working on more articles to publish in places like Unschooling Now and bigger journals.
  • Write more prose every day. Now that I have more time out of the classroom and a lovely little pocket size Moleskine (it was a gift, I promise!), I have more incentive to constantly write things down, and this summer I want to train myself to write little bits of prose and flash fiction throughout the day. That way, I can work up a stash of material ready to be molded into marketable writing.
  • Write more poetry. This summer, I want to experiment with free verse and blank verse daily. Something good always comes out of daily poetry sessions. Last night, I wrote a rough sonnet in one hour’s time, something I’ve never done before. And it wasn’t that bad, either. So this May, my habit will begin–one poem per night. Whether it be a haiku or a limerick, or even a single couplet, this practice will reap heaps and heaps of material for later alteration.
  • Get a job. I am currently seeking work in the English field, whether that be a teaching, editing, or tutoring job, or something else altogether. Craig’s List, here I come with my modest resume and minuscule list of publications. 🙄
  • Read more good writing. This break, my shelves shall be occupied with Ray Bradbury, Victor Hugo, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm. Oh, I can’t wait. 😀
What are you reading this summer? Do you have any writing projects to keep you busy these next few months?

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