“Unschooling Now” – New E-Zine Coming May 1st

I stumbled upon this e-zine a few days after digging up some of my old English folders and decided to polish something up to submit. I chose one of the five critical essays I wrote for LIT-2000 (one on Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”) last night, redrafted it, and sent it in.

By looking at the website, I found that Unschooling Now is a new e-zine that publishes a wide variety of writing; (in addition to the obvious poetry and prose, they also publish articles, blog posts, tweets–you name it). The zine is “like a party for unschoolers,” editor Anna Hoffman says. To find out more about what that means, you can visit her blog and read the first issue, coming out May 1st–it’s free, and my essay “The Revelation of Sin” will be in it. See you there. 😀

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